Tackle Cancer Challenge

Radiotheranostics on the move with the Oncidium foundation.

Radiotheranostics represent an innovative nuclear medicine technique that combines the use of diagnostic and therapeutic agents for cancer care.


  • When ? From May 12th to May 28th, 2023

  • What ? Reach a collective distance of 40 000 km !

  • Where ? Worldwide via the atlasGO : wellbeing app

How does it work ?

  • Purchase your ticket(s). You can also decide to donate an additional amount
  • Check your email to get the atlasGO : wellbeing access code to enter the event
  • Download the atlasGO : wellbeing app, sign up or create an account, enter the access code and cover the distance starting May 12th, 2023! Thank you very much for your help !
  • atlasGO : wellbeing accessing code sent by email

  • Payment secured by Stripe


22 usd

You will receive the atlasGO : wellbeing accessing code by email